nicolai howalt

Light Break, Photography / Light Therapy
256 pages
45 tritone plates & 79 color plates
Text by Ion Meyer & Tania Woloshyn
Poetry by Morten Søndergaard
23,3 cm x 27.3 cm
Hardbound book
Publication date:  May 15 2015
Publisher Fabrik Books
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Documentary and aesthetic encounter between photography, science and visual art.Background and technique.

Doctor and Nobel laureate Niels Ryberg
Finsen (1860-1904) started out around 1890
to work with chemical rays of light to treat
skin disease, most notably Lupus Vulgaris.
Finsen discovered that it was the invisible
light rays at the fringes of the electromagnetic
spectrum that possessed healing properties.
It is those same rays, which I depict in my
work by utilising the ability of sunlight to
colour the photographic emulsion in negative
form, thereby visualising the invisible rays.
To concentrate light in my photographic
experiments I have used Finsen’s original
equipment including convex lenses and
quartz glass, kindly made available by the
Medical Museion in Copenhagen, as well as
modern filters from e.g. Schneider-Optics.
Using these tools, I have succeeded in absorbing
most of the visible light, thereby only allowing the
so-called chemical infrared and ultraviolet rays to
hit the photographic paper. This has been placed
directly in a large format analogue camera, making
each image in ”Light Break, Photography / Light
Therapy” a unique and irreproducible imprint.
Light is intrinsic to both Finsen’s light
therapy and to photography itself, and my
pursuit of light in this body of work has been
a wondrous journey into the very origins
of photography, its being and its myth.

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