Paris Photo 2021

  1. type:
    art fair
  2. date:
    10/11/21 — 14/11/21
  3. event:
    Paris Photo 2021
  4. place:
    Av. Pierre Loti
    75007 Paris
Old Tjikko
The work Old Tjikko by Nicolai Howalt grasps the open call theme of changing realities, the perception of borders and the notion of reality on different levels at the same time. All the images contained in the work are developed from the same negative and show a picture of the ancient tree taken in 2014, all printed on different papers. The variety of papers, all of them already expired, have specific characteristics which affect the appearance of each image, showing imperfections and different tonalities. This gives the impression that we see a different tree at different times. In fact we are looking at the same picture. This changes the perception of time and photography as a medium.
Martin Asbæk Gallery
The gallery was established in 2005 by Martin Asbæk (b.1975) and focuses on contemporary Scandinavian as well as international art by well-established and up-coming artists who work in a wide range of media; painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and embroidery.
Martin Asbæk Gallery has since the establishment participated in numerous art fairs in Europe and USA such as Paris Photo, VOLTA NY/ Basel, The Armory Show NY, Art Brussels, ARCO Madrid among others.