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How to Hunt: The photographic medium and the patents of the painter


  1. by Kristina Lykke Hansen
  2. published 2006
The quarry Hunters say that it is harder to shoot a photo of an animal than actually to shoot one, since the former has to be beautiful while the latter only has to be dead. ...
How to Hunt: The photographic medium and the patents of the painter2023-03-13T14:04:59+01:00

How to Hunt (first edition)


  1. published by:
  2. Artpeople
  3. 2005
Special Edition of 50 signed and numbered books with one signed and numbered print 15 x 20 cm. The series explores a classical and existential theme, at the same time deploying the creative potential of new photography to create a permeable boundary between documentary and art.
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For centuries boxing


  1. by Lasse Krog Møller
  2. published 2004
Boxing provokes discussion and debate, and can divide any crowd into camps for and against. For example those looking at Nicolai Howalt’s images of young boys who ve had a beating. Some them a serious beating ...
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  1. published by:
  2. Art People
  3. 2003
BOXER. Portrait's of boxers their boxing their first fights, capturing the moment before and after the fight. As a teenager Howalt used to box, and as a consequence he has realized that the moments just before and after the match were the most tantalizing.



  1. by Edward Bunker
  2. published 2003
Looking at the faces of these neophyte pugilists, I am struck by how young they appear. Did I look so young and unscarred half a century ago when I tried my hand at the "sweet science", as it is sometimes called by devotees? These youths must be newcomers, for none has the standard flattened nose, ...



  1. published by:
  2. Gyldendal
  3. 2001
The woman's name was Dorthe, she was 39 and drove a taxi at night. The man's name was Villy, he was 43 and worked as a janitors assistant in an old folks home. The lived together with Dorthe’s 13 year old daughter Helene, in a three roomed apartment on the 2nd floor of a building in Århus West.
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