Variation of Old Tjikko

  1. type:
    exhibition, solo exhibition
  2. date:
    27/08/20 — 24/08/21
  3. event:
    Variations of Old Tjikko
  4. place:
    1067 KØBENHAVN K
The worlds oldest tree is given renewed life in this photo exhibition by Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt.In the photo exhibition Variations of Old Tjikko you can get artistically closer to the oldest cloned tree in the world. On a trip to Fulufjället Nationalpark in Dalarna in Sweden, Howalt took a range of photos of the 9.550 year old tree called ’Old Tjikko’.

The photo of ’Old Tjikko’ was developed on different types of old paper, some of which dates back to the 1940’s. The structure, build and origin of the paper means that ‘Old Tjikko’ appears in a range of esthetic variations. The paper itself thus creates an artistic and thoughtful layer to the almost ten thousand year old tree. In this context the material – the paper – almost takes over the artistic expression, leaving the result as a visualisation of time passing, both through the image of ‘Old Tjikko’ as well as the material of the art piece itself.

In the exhibition in Nikolaj Kunsthal’s Upper Gallery, you can experience all of Nicolai Howalts variations of ’Old Tjikko’ as a whole.