1. type:
    Group exhibition
  2. date:
    02/02/19 — 06/04/19
  3. event:
  4. place:
    Gl. Strand Kunstforening
    Gl. Strand 48
    1202 København K

From 2 February will 40 Danish contemporary artists from GRØNNINGEN exhibit for the first time invites you to the Kunstforeningen GL STRAND.
Large scale and expressive painting, silent and inspiring photography, legend and minimalist sculpture, geometric and colorful textile art, sensual video installations, bronze and clay human bodies – and monumental sculptural brush strokes on the wall. All this is just what you can experience when GRØNNINGEN occupies all three floors of GL STRAND.

Pictures: a vildrose printed on four pieces of glass, size 60×53 cm and a silver cast of a invasive wild rose species, size 202 cm.