Summer in the city 2022

  1. type: group exhibition
  2. date: 20/04/22
  3. event: HORS-LES-MURS
  4. place: Rue des Sablons 7, Place du Grand Sablon, BE-1000 Bruxelles

The moon is mankind’s eternal light source. It has been illuminating and guiding us since the dawn of time. We observe the orb, whose trajectory gives rhythm to life. We project dreams and hopes on the moon, sometimes we even dream of reaching for it. Its metamorphoses, from crescent to crescent – fluid, determined, circumscribed – display signs and act as an oracle. Each culture reads the moon, seeing it sometimes as feminine, sometimes as masculine. It has a hidden face and a visible face. One day in 1969, a man set foot there, allowing poetry to embrace science. Since then, of course, we have looked at the moon in a different way. However, the dreams it engenders are as immutable as its presence in our heavens. No man that the moon hasn’t seen brings together the proposals of ten artists and photographers. They invite us to switch viewpoints to ask: What does the moon see when it looks at us?

VERNISSAGE : Jeudi 21 avril • 17h – 21h
OPENING: Thursday April 21st • 5pm – 9pm