Art on Paper
group exhibition
25/11/18 — 19/05/19
Art on Paper
Otto Bruuns Plads 1, Rø
3760 Gudhjem, Denmark

The exhibition presents a selection of the museum's large and diverse collection of art on paper, created by some of the most prominent artists in Danish art history.

The works on paper contains interesting stories, and shows a wide variation in both the choice of subject, where everything from the unique nature of Bornholm to abstract forms and shapes are reproduced and techniques where it is clear that artists have tried to experiment and challenge themselves.

At the exhibition you will enjoy works created by artists Asger Jorn, Axel Salto, Christen Købke, Eckersberg, Edvard Weie, Ernst Køie, Inge Lise Westman, Kristian Zahrtmann, Olaf Rude, Oluf Høst Mortensen, Sigurd Vasegaard, Vilhelm Kyhn and many more.

The exhibition is made in connection with publication of the book "Art on Paper from Bornholm Art Museum Collection", published as a yearbook to Bornholm Museum Society members will be on sale in the museum shop.

There will subsequently published a program of activities in connection with the exhibition, where participants will have the opportunity to be wise in the art, and even to try it.