The Danish Rheumatism hospital

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    Art decor at the Danish Rheumatism hospital
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    Engelshøjgade 9A
    6400 Sønderborg
Nicolai Howalt’s Light Break adorns the walls of Dansk Gigthospital, the Danish hospital for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Located in Sønderborg in the south of Denmark, the hospital was inaugurated last year by HM The Queen Margrethe II.
In Light Break, Howalt investigates and visualizes visible and invisible areas of the light spectrum, and the power of the life-giving as well as destructive radiation of sunlight. By making use of old medical colored filters and lenses as well as contemporary colored filters, Howalt was able to absorb selected areas of light from the sun, allowing the remaining areas of the electromagnetic spectrum to pass through rock crystal lenses onto photosensitive paper, thereby depicting the raw impressions of the sun and of light itself.
Curated by @thomasasbaek & @taniaasbaek @_collaborations
Photography: David Stjernholm @david_stjernholm

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