I virkeligheden – Fotografisk Center

  1. type:
    group exhibition
  2. date:
  3. event:
    I virkeligheden – Fotografisk Center
  4. place:
    Staldgade 16
    1699 Copehagen V
Tina Enghoff
Peter Funch
Nicolai Howalt
Kent Klich
Joachim Koester
Astrid Kruse Jensen
Lisa Rosenmeier
Trine Søndergaard
Agneta WernerIn 2021, it is 25 years since the Photographic Center was established in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen as part of Kulturby 96, and the Center is one of the places that still lives and works in the best possible way. When Fotografisk Center was founded in its time, it was to strengthen the photography environment in Denmark and to create increased awareness around photography.

At Fotografisk Center, we would like to use this opportunity 25 years later to look back at the Danish photography art scene in the years that have passed. What has the Photographic Center meant for art photography and the art scene in Denmark? And what themes and trends have characterized the last 25 years of Danish photography?
The Photographic Center has therefore invited Professor Mette Sandbye to reflect and look back with us on the last three decades of Danish art photography. The exhibition “In reality – Photographic Center 25 years” is divided into sections around five chronological entries. It asks questions such as: Who drew Danish photography? Where and when did the breakthroughs occur? On the occasion of the anniversary, we are also publishing an anthology about recent Danish photographic history.