1. workshop
    2. 23/02/23
    3. 26-30 Juni 2023
    SOMMERWORKSHOP med NICOLAI HOWALT I UGE 26. Et kursus for både erfarne og amatører, som har lyst til at udforske og udvikle sit fotografi og billedsprog.
    1. catalogue, nomination
    2. 19/02/23
    3. Musee Elýsee
    SPECIAL EDITION PRIX ELYSÉE 2022-2024 Published by Photo Elysée, eight books individually present the projects of the nominees of the Prix Elysée 2022-2024:
    1. event
    2. 28/11/22 — 05/12/22
    3. Fabrikbooks
    Support your local artist and join us at @fabrikbooks for a xmas afternoon next sunday Dec 4 at 14-17. @nicolaihowalt and I will be serving gløgg and signing books, posters.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 05/11/22 — 29/01/23
    3. Landskrona Foto
    Snowflakes, vegetation and human reliance on and the intervention of nature are at the heart of this Nordic exhibition. Curator by Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir.
    1. book release
    2. 11/10/22 — 31/10/30
    3. Politikens bogforlag
    I contribute the word Sun, in a work from Light Break in the Encyklopædien ORD together with 200 other Danish artists, photographers, writers and journalists.
    1. book release
    2. 12/09/22
    3. Martin Asbæk Gallery
    3. November 2022 16:00 - 18:00 Book Launch & Signing of Nicolai Howalt’s newest publication A Journey: The Near Future at Martin Asbæk Gallery.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 08/08/22
    3. Ringsted Galleri
    Til hver udstilling i jubilæumsprogrammet forbindes Ringsted Galleriets lange, fine udstillingshistorie med den nyeste samtidskunst.
    1. nomination
    2. 06/07/22
    3. Arles
    The Prix Elysée is an international prize that supports photographic production and encourages mid-career photographers or artists from around the world to forge a new project, on a theme of their choice.
    1. commissions
    2. 24/05/22
    3. London & Paris
    I made in collaboration with ACNE their Campaign for SS22 Musubi Bags in the spring of 2022. The sculpture is made by US artist Jessie Reaves
    1. Solo exhibition
    2. 2/05/22 — 10/07/22
    3. Galerie maria lund
    Specimens brings together four series of works that the photographer Nicolai Howalt has been creating since 2019 – Old Tjikko, Algae, Fasciations and Microscope/Preparation.
    1. type: group exhibition
    2. date: 20/04/22
    3. event: L'Ancienne Nonciature
    The moon is mankind's eternal light source. It has been illuminating and guiding us since the dawn of time. We observe the orb, whose trajectory gives rhythm to life.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 21/01/22 — 13/03/22
    3. Fotografisk Center
    Snowflakes, vegetation and human intervention in nature are at the core of the exhibition Snowflakes and Other Surprises, which presents work by 16 artists from Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
    1. solo exhibition
    2. 21/01/22 — 26/02/22
    3. Martin Asbæk Gallery
    In the exhibition A Journey: The Near Future, photo-based artist Nicolai Howalt depicts our yet-to-be-explored, red neighbour, about 63 million kilometers away.
    1. award
    2. 03/12/21
    3. Aage & Yelva Nimbs Fond
    Recipients of The Aage & Yelva Nimbs Fond honorary grants of DKK 100,000 due to the work "Variation of Old Tjikko"
    1. group exhibition
    2. 21/01/22 — 26/03/22
    3. HANGAR
    Hangar proposes, in the context of PhotoBrussels Festival 06, a large exhibition: In the Shadow of Trees. The exhibition brings together twenty photographic projects,
    1. art fair
    2. 10/11/21 — 14/11/21
    3. Grand Palais Éphémère
    Martin Asbæk is joining the next edition of Paris Photo which is held November 11 through 14, 2021 at the Grand Palais Éphémère, designed by the architects Wilmotte & Associés.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 11/09/21
    3. Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
    The artists’ association Grønningen has alway been known for its diversity, openness and often large scale. Grønningen is presenting works by 38 members as well as by 3 invited guest artists.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 28/08/21
    3. Fotografisk Center
    Photographic Center has invited Professor Mette Sandbye to reflect and look back with us on the last three decades of Danish art photography. The exhibition "In reality - Photographic Center 25 years"
    1. group exhibition
    2. 28/06/21 — 31/07/21
    3. Martin Asbæk Gallery
    Summer in the City. True to tradition, Martin Asbæk Gallery is presenting the yearly group exhibition Summer in the City opening Friday 2nd July. From 3pm - 6 pm.
    1. news
    2. 08/05/21
    3. Studio Nicolai Howalt
    New studio / atelier for Nicolai Howalt and Fabrikbooks based in the legendary area of Copenhagen in Islandsbrygge, Sturlasgade 14 J st.th.
    1. featured
    2. 01/04/21 — 08/05/29
    3. Verk
    I varje människa finns det ett träd, och i varje träd finns det en människa. Jag känner det, trädet vandrar i människan…. (Artur Lundkvist)
    1. group exhibition
    2. 21/04/21 — 24/10/21
    3. Copenhagen Contemporary
    In a year characterised by great international sporting events, both nationally and internationally, CC kicks off with a major group exhibition entitled Art of Sport.
    1. award
    2. 07/12/20 — 30/12/20
    3. Statens Kunstfond
    BEST EXHIBITIONS OF THE YEAR In 2020, have The Danish Art Foundation awarded 11 exhibitions that revolve around identity, existence and time.
    1. release, catalogue
    2. 18/11/20 — 20/11/20
    3. Arthritis hospital
    Nicolai Howalt was recently commissioned to incorporate works from his photographic series Light Break at the Danish Arthritis Association in Sønderborg
    1. solo exhibition
    2. 13/11/20 — 21/02/21
    3. Medicinsk Museion
    Science attempts to contain the chaos of epidemics by capturing bacteria and diseased bodies in microscope slides, vaccines and quarantines. The exhibition displays objects from the history of epidemics.
    1. award
    2. 09/10/20 — 26/11/20
    3. Det Kgl. Bibliotek
    The jury has selected the Best Book Work of the Year 2020. All the selected books will be exhibited on Kirkebybroen at the Royal Library, together with this year's special exhibition, "Dream Books".
    1. award
    2. 18/09/20 — 18/12/20
    3. The Angry Bat
    The book Old Tjikko by Nicolai Howalt grasps the open call theme of changing realities, the perception of borders and the notion of reality on different levels at the same time.
    1. exhibition
    2. 16/09/20 — 03/10/20
    3. Budapest Park
    With the installation of the work of the Danish artist Nicolai Howalt entitled Old Tjikko, which exhibits photobook-based works, will be presented for the first time in Budapest Park.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 12/09/20 — 09/10/20
    3. Apartment of art
    You are in my Wave ll Wahrend sich die erste Ausstellung vorwiegen auf Sound (Schallwelle) als Medium konzentrierte, steht bei You are in my Wave ll die Photographie (Lichtwelle) im Focus.
    1. art fair
    2. 27/08/20 — 30/08/20
    3. Tunnel Factory
    Enter Art Fair is a new and ambitious international art fair in the Nordics. As the first of its kind Enter Art Fair and Artland combines the well-known art fair format with a state-of-the-art digital art fair experience.
    1. exhibition, solo exhibition
    2. 27/08/20 — 24/08/21
    3. Nikolaj Kunsthal
    In the exhibition Variations of Old Tjikko you can get artistically closer to the oldest cloned tree in the world. On a trip to Fulufjället Nationalpark in Dalarna in Sweden, Howalt took a range of photos of the 9.550 year old tree called ’Old Tjikko’.
    1. talk
    2. 28/07/20 — 28/07/20
    3. July 28, 2020
    Thomas Asbæk talks to Nicolai Howalt about his practice. Get closer to the art and the artist. Here you have to ask everything you want.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 26/06/20 — 14/08/20
    3. June 26, 2020
    The 2020 version of Summer in the City comprises a wide array of media, including painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, and video.
    1. group exhibition
    2. 05/03/20 — 19/04/20
    3. DEN FRIE
    Renderings is an exhibition that deals with matters moving on the edge of our perception. Matters, that can be understood on a theoretical level, but which otherwise seem intangible.
    1. commissions
    2. 17/02/20
    3. Danish Rheumatism Hospital
    The Danish artist, Nicolai Howalt’s Light Break adorns the walls of Dansk Gigthospital, the Danish hospital for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Located in Sønderborg in the south of Denmark