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  1. book release
  2. 11/10/22 — 31/10/30
  3. Politikens bogforlag
I contribute the word Sun, in a work from Light Break in the Encyklopædien ORD together with 200 other Danish artists, photographers, writers and journalists.

A Journey The Near Future


  1. book release
  2. 12/09/22
  3. Martin Asbæk Gallery
3. November 2022 16:00 - 18:00 Book Launch & Signing of Nicolai Howalt’s newest publication A Journey: The Near Future at Martin Asbæk Gallery.
A Journey The Near Future2023-03-13T14:02:27+01:00

ringsted galleriet


  1. group exhibition
  2. 08/08/22
  3. Ringsted Galleri
Til hver udstilling i jubilæumsprogrammet forbindes Ringsted Galleriets lange, fine udstillingshistorie med den nyeste samtidskunst.
ringsted galleriet2023-03-13T14:02:27+01:00

prix elysee


  1. nomination
  2. 06/07/22
  3. Arles
The Prix Elysée is an international prize that supports photographic production and encourages mid-career photographers or artists from around the world to forge a new project, on a theme of their choice.
prix elysee2023-03-13T14:02:28+01:00



  1. commissions
  2. 24/05/22
  3. London & Paris
I made in collaboration with ACNE their Campaign for SS22 Musubi Bags in the spring of 2022. The sculpture is made by US artist Jessie Reaves

Summer in the city 2022


  1. type: group exhibition
  2. date: 20/04/22
  3. event: L'Ancienne Nonciature
The moon is mankind's eternal light source. It has been illuminating and guiding us since the dawn of time. We observe the orb, whose trajectory gives rhythm to life.
Summer in the city 20222023-03-13T14:02:28+01:00

Snowflakes and Other Surprises


  1. group exhibition
  2. 21/01/22 — 13/03/22
  3. Fotografisk Center
Snowflakes, vegetation and human intervention in nature are at the core of the exhibition Snowflakes and Other Surprises, which presents work by 16 artists from Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
Snowflakes and Other Surprises2023-03-13T14:02:29+01:00
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