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Enter Art Fair 23


  1. art fair
  2. 24/08/23 — 27/08/23
  3. enter art fair 23
The 2023 edition marks Enter Art Fair’s fifth year anniversary and will bring the international art world together in a specially-curated celebration from 24 – 27 August.
Enter Art Fair 232023-09-05T09:18:41+02:00

Summer in the City 2023


  1. group exhibition
  2. 11/08/23 — 09/09/23
  3. martin asbæk gallery
Martin Asbæk Gallery annual summer show Summer in the City, bringing the summer to a close before taking the leap into a new season of openings, art fairs and festivals.
Summer in the City 20232023-09-05T09:20:00+02:00

Terra: Resonans


  1. group exhibition
  2. 01/04/23 — 29/10/23
  3. Skovhuset
Terra: Resonans’ dykker ned i menneskets genfundne interesse for naturen i kølvandet på corona, klimaforandringer og biodiversitetskrise. Her står naturen som modvægt til vores fortravlede liv og er ikke blot er en ressource, der skal understøtte menneskets forbrug.
Terra: Resonans2023-09-05T09:23:07+02:00

C4 Journal – Review A Journey…


  1. by Teemu Hupli
Howalt’s book stirs one’s habitual assumptions about not only how and why we look at photographs, but also about how they and we, all of us collectively and individually, are actually situated in the long continuum of history—which we can only hope will not repeat itself without limit. Are we alone in the system? If we are, what does it mean—if anything? If we aren’t, then what? Are we pointless lumps of matter, marginal side products of the cosmic process? Or something more…?
C4 Journal – Review A Journey…2023-05-05T10:00:16+02:00

A Journey: The Near Future in ASX


  1. by Brad Feuerhelm
Despite my alarming lack of interest in the matters of Mars or space itself, I can admit that I am taken with the consequence of the production of the book itself, if less the subject matter, which still has, despite my stated claims of aversion and seething annoyance, some exciting prospects at its base. It would be bad manners not to look at Nicolai, a respected Danish artist, and his work with anything but respect.
A Journey: The Near Future in ASX2023-03-30T10:31:25+02:00

Interview i Politiken


  1. by Emil Bergløv
»Jeg elsker at bruge fotografiet til at kigge på noget, jeg ikke forstår. Det er min måde at se verden på. Det er en eller anden robot, der render rundt og tager billeder på Mars, og så siger man ’fuck, mand, der har været vand’, ’der har været iskapper’, ’der er poler’, jeg skal komme efter dig«. ...
Interview i Politiken2023-03-13T14:02:23+01:00

Odreview – A Journey: The Near Future


  1. by Collier Brown
“That’s one of the interesting tensions in this book. Though it’s a land survey, topographical in nature, it’s also a survey that belongs to an aesthetic tradition of scenic views going back millennia.” ...
Odreview – A Journey: The Near Future2023-03-13T14:02:23+01:00

Review Photobookjournal 2023


  1. by Paul Anderson

    1. The results are pristine panoramic martian landscapes with a bit of a historic feel. From an aesthetic point of view, this subtraction creates an interesting negative space that strongly suggests, but does not reveal, the automaton. Man is here and yet not here. ...
Review Photobookjournal 20232023-03-13T14:02:25+01:00



  1. workshop
  2. 23/02/23
  3. Studio Nicolai Howalt
SOMMERWORKSHOP med NICOLAI HOWALT I UGE 26. Et kursus for både erfarne og amatører, som har lyst til at udforske og udvikle sit fotografi og billedsprog.

Prix Elýsee 2022-2024


  1. catalogue, nomination
  2. 19/02/23
  3. Musee Elýsee
SPECIAL EDITION PRIX ELYSÉE 2022-2024 Published by Photo Elysée, eight books individually present the projects of the nominees of the Prix Elysée 2022-2024:
Prix Elýsee 2022-20242023-09-05T08:21:07+02:00
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