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  1. workshop
  2. 07/01/24
  3. Studio Nicolai Howalt
SOMMERWORKSHOP med NICOLAI HOWALT I UGE 32. Et kursus for både erfarne og amatører, som har lyst til at udforske og udvikle sit fotografi og billedsprog.

Grønningen 2023


  1. group exhibition
  2. 1/12/23 — 28/01/24
  3. Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
Grønningen er en af de ældste og største kunstnersammenslutninger i Danmark. Siden 1915 har medlemmerne årligt præsenteret, hvad de aktuelt arbejder med og er optaget af. Som noget særligt i år præsenterer Grønningen.
Grønningen 20232023-11-30T17:24:22+01:00

Truly Wild


  1. group exhibition
  2. 7/10/23 — 7/01/24
  3. Fuglsang Artmuseum
The autumn's big special exhibition at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum examines how hunting as a concept, logic, practice and view of nature is produced in Danish art from the end of the 1700th century to the present day.
Truly Wild2023-10-08T19:36:19+02:00

Épreuves de la matière


  1. group exhibition
  2. 10/10/23 — 21/01/24
  3. BnF, Site Richelieu
Épreuves de la Matière, In connection with the issue of the ecology of images raised by the Épreuves de la Matière exhibition, a round table gives the floor to photographers whose works are kept in the collections of the Department of Prints and Photography.
Épreuves de la matière2023-10-05T13:16:39+02:00

All the Whisperings…


  1. group exhibition
  2. 22/09/23 — 22/10/23
  3. Fotografihuset
All the Whisperings of the World, is a group exhibition at Fotografihuset at Sukkerbiten is showing four artists who, in their own way, thematize the relationship between nature and human identity.
All the Whisperings…2023-10-04T15:50:19+02:00



  1. solo exhibition
  2. 02/09/23 — 11/11/23
  3. umbrella exhibitions
A world that is normally invisible to the naked eye, but as important to life on Earth as sunlight or oxygen. Not only are fungi indispensable to the planet's ecosystem, they may also hold the key to treating ailments and potentially solving some of our most pressing environmental problems.



  1. group exhibition
  2. 25/08/23 — 22/10/23
  3. fotografiskcenter
Historically, photography is associated with its special ability to capture time and to depict and ensure a manifestation of reality. However, photography is not only distinguished by its visibility and longevity, but also by the opposite, namely disappearances, absence and transience.
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