A journey: the near future


  1. solo exhibition
  2. 21/01/22 — 26/02/22
  3. Martin Asbæk Gallery
In the exhibition A Journey: The Near Future, photo-based artist Nicolai Howalt depicts our yet-to-be-explored, red neighbour, about 63 million kilometers away.
A journey: the near future2023-03-13T14:15:49+01:00

A New Light Break


  1. published by:
  2. Fabrikbooks
  3. 2020
The artwork "Light Break" from Nicolai Howalt was recently commissioned to incorporate works from his photographic series Light Break at the Danish Arthritis Association in Sønderborg
A New Light Break2023-04-19T11:52:47+02:00

Cool, Calm and Collected


  1. published by:
  2. ARoS
  3. 2017
Cool, Calm and Collected. The exhibition showcases the aestheticizing tendency evident in many Danish artists over the course of the last fifteen years.
Cool, Calm and Collected2023-03-13T14:04:23+01:00

By looking down I see up.


  1. published by:
  2. Fabrik Books
  3. 2017
Capturing invisible rays of light, ashes from human cremation, and the volatile reactions of primary elements on metal plates, melding aesthetic interests with those of natural science, this book offers readers a rare insight into the most recent explorations of exposure, fragility and change.
By looking down I see up.2023-03-13T14:04:24+01:00



  1. published by:
  2. Fabrik Books
Element by Nicolai Howalt is a ongoing study of the elements in nature and especially their capacity to be converted. Photograph series continues Howalt experiments in the field of tension between photography, history, science and art, past, inter alia in his photograph series ‘Light Break‘.

Element – Poster


  1. published by:
  2. Viborg Kunsthal
This poster has been produced in connection with the exhibition ELEMENT at Viborg Kunsthal by Fabrik Books & Viborg Kunsthal. The motif is an original piece of copper, found in Germany in the 1950s, after which the image is evoked on Aluminum foil.
Element – Poster2023-03-13T14:04:24+01:00
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