A New Light Break

  1. publication type
  2. artist
    Nicolai Howalt
  3. publisher
  4. publishing year
  5. language
  6. editor
    Tania Asbæk & Søren Lilholt
  7. designed by
    Rasmus Koch Studio
  8. format 20 x 24 cm
  9. no. of pages 56
  10. no. of illustrations 35
  11. cover
  12. no. of edition 1500
  13. ISBN 978-87-998207-8-8

Nicolai Howalt was recently commissioned to incorporate works from his photographic series Light Break at the Danish Arthritis Association in Sønderborg – we’re proud to have worked closely with Howalt through out the commission and happy to see the catalogue that accomplish a long fulfilling process. The catalog contains text by Art Advisor Thomas Asbæk and Iva Fattorini (MD, MSc, Founder Artocene), the Danish Arthritis Association and Martin Asbæk Gallery.