Six Seagulls and One Building

  1. copyright — @ Nicolai Howalt
  2. year — 2009
  3. edition — Edition of 5 + 2 AP
  4. size — 68 x 82 cm
  5. material — C-print
In Six Seagulls and One Building, Nicolai Howalt investigates the harbor and the vivid life it once was synonymous with.
A seemingly empty white building on the harbour is in focus and no people are around. Only a parked car and a sign on the door bare witness of the people’s presence somewhere inside the building. The anonymous building is interrupted by the shadows of the seagulls, whose soaring course still evolve around the harbour. While the rest of the harbour has been industrialised, and moved in behind closed doors, the seagulls continue undauntedly to cast shadows on the empty buildings. The shadows become traces from a vivid life that used to unfold on the harbour and thus a story of change and time.