1. copyright — @ Nicolai Howalt
  2. year — 2011
  3. edition — Edition of 5 + 2 AP
  4. size — 64 x 80 cm / 120 x 150 cm
  5. material — Archival Pigment Print on aluminum / paper

Rusland is a photographic series consisting of twelve image in the size of 64×80 cm. and 120 x 150 cm. Archival Pigment Print, which was exhibited at Grønningen 2009.
Rusland is the name of a forest in Denmark which has been declared a protected area. The forest is kept to itself, and as one of the only forests in Denmark, untouched by human hand. Where other forests in Denmark are being kept and customized, Rusland grows as it grows.
The photographs don’t show any black or white tones, only greytones. Information is withheld in the grey tones; it could be summer or winter, 1950 or 2017, which allows the motif to exist outside time and room and just be.