78 Boxers

  1. copyright — @ Nicolai Howalt
  2. year — 2012
  3. edition — Edition of 5 + 2 AP
  4. size — 54 x 43 cm
  5. material — Pigment print in passepartout with white painted wood frame

78 BOXERS is an edited version of the 2003 work BOXERS. This time, Howalt explores the face of the young boxers just before and after their first boxing match.

The match itself is left out, letting the faces tell the story of the action that took place in between the portraits was taken. These portraits do not show any environment or any details, only the face, which let the viewer emphasize more on the expression, the sweat, blood and gaze of victory or defeat.
Howalt captures the vulnerable period between boy and man. An exploration of adolescence and rites de