Light Break / Wavelength 712 nanometer

    1. Published:
    2. Plethora
    3. 2016

In 2015 the legacy of Niels Finsen was revived when Danish artist Nicolai Howalt, in collaboration with Medical Museion, Copenhagen, initiated an artistic reinterpretation of Finsen’s research, resulting in the release of “Light Break”, 2015.

Enticed by the opportunity to offer a photographic vision of the mysterious chemical rays isolated by Finsen, Howalt applied Finsen’s original convex lenses and quartz filters in experimental pursuit of seemingly raw aesthetic depictions.

Mounted on a large-format analogue camera, the lenses absorb both the visible and the invisible rays from the sun, allowing for direct exposure on emulsion-coated paper. As a result, the exceedingly colourful and chemically infused images extracted from these exposures give perfect testament to the extreme spectrum of light in which Finsen operated.

Analogue pinhole photogram.
Limited edition of 60 prints
Signed and numbered.
100 cm x 70 cm
Off Set print on Arctic Volume 200 gr
with UV lacquer seal.
Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashram
Sold unframed.