How to Hunt (first edition)

  1. publication type — book, special edition
  2. artist — Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt
  3. publisher — Artpeople
  4. publishing year — 2005
  5. language — English / Danish
  6. editor — Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt
  7. designed by — Signs & Wonders
  8. format — 24,5 x 16 cm
  9. no. of pages — 64
  10. no. of illustrations — 25
  11. cover — Hardbound
  12. no. of edition — 50
  13. ISBN — 87-91518-96-2
How to Hunt (first edition)

How to Hunt (2005–10) is a series of evocative photographic studies on the theme of hunting by the Danish artists Trine Søndergaard (*1972) and Nicolai Howalt (*1970). In this long-term artistic collaboration, Søndergaard and Howalt joined annual fall and winter hunts in Denmark and interpreted the age-old ritual of hunting through the lens of the camera. In the past, hunting was an act of human instinct and survival, whereas today the phenomenon is more embedded in perceptions of a privileged “good life”. How to Hunt investigates the relationship between animals, people and nature in a contemporary take on art history’s millennium-long interpretation of the hunting scenario.

The series explores a classical and existential theme, at the same time deploying the creative potential of new photography to create a permeable boundary between documentary and art.