publication type — pamplet
artist — Nicolai Howalt
publisher — Esbjerg Art Museum
publishing year — 2011
language — Danish/English
editor — Rasmus Koch Studio
designed by — Rasmus Koch Studio
format — 32x34
no. of pages — 12 loose inserts
no. of illustrations — 36
cover — Soft cover with loose sheets
no. of edition — 600
ISBN — 978-87-89311-31-9

Catalogue for ‘sammen stød’, an exhibition of photographic works by artist Nicolai Howalt at Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Denmark

The conventionally written danish word sammenstød conveys the idea of two or more elements in collision. The break between the two words (‘sammen stød’) extends the meaning further to sammen=together and stød=shock. In Howalt’s work these themes are re-occuring. The catalogue is designed as an unbound folder with loose inserts. The catalogue contains two essays, with translations in English.